When people think of Amazon, they think of fast delivery, cheap prices, and a limitless inventory of things to buy. Still, to this day, many don’t know that Amazon is the cloud powerhouse that it is. In fact, the next Amazon CEO is Andy Jassy, the leader of Amazon Web Services (AWS) since its formal inception in 2006.

The AWS myth-making story is that excess e-commerce compute was re-purposed into consumable IT services. In reality, a deliberate business model was created to build AWS from the ground-up. The launch of Simple Storage Service (S3) in 2006 allowed developers to use…

The pain and trauma of setting up a rig to mine some coin is real. And it is a pain … but also quite exhilarating.

[it’s important to note — this is a hobby exercise and not a moneymaker, at all.]

July 10, 2019 Minergate

There is a lot of factors to consider — the rig (computer), the coin and the software to mine the coin. This can become an exercise in futility because there is a lot of information and the overall ease of setting up a home cryptocurrency mining system is quite low. …

If you decide to joint the blockchain as a user, you need a bitcoin wallet and once you’ve downloaded a wallet (Ex. Bitcoin Core), you may want to do some quick checks to make sure you know how to complete transactions. For example, you can check that you have a valid wallet address and can execute test transactions on the testnet.

Validate a Wallet Address

First, you gotta’ have a bitcoin wallet. The wallet is the container application that tracks your bitcoin count and the addresses you use to conduct bitcoin transactions. It is how you interact with the bitcoin blockchain.

As an example…

When using the Proof of Work (PW) consensus algorithm, blockchain nodes will race to solve a complex problem and submit to peer nodes to verify the results. The PW problem is supposed to be difficult to solve but easy for others to verify. That riddle is solved by the use of a “nonce.”

In cryptography, a nonce is an arbitrary value that can be only used once. Ok, cool. But, what does this have to do with blockchain ?

In blockchain, the block contents are input to a SHA-256 crypto engine to create a unique hash value. Any change in…

What if you are new to Blockchain, have downloaded a wallet and just want to do some simple tasks without fubar-ing up the real Blockchain Network with your noob-ness and having a crypto-mob rick-roll you for life ?

I have an answer for that !

You can verify your identity without executing a blockchain transaction by using a Blockchain identity verification system. That is, you can verify your identity on a Identity Verification website.

How does this work?

  1. Get your wallet receiving address

Let’s say you have the Electrum wallet — go to the “Addresses” tab and copy one of…

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